The Web Development Degree Program

The Web Development program is designed to prepare students with the skills to design, develop, and manage web sites and applications for businesses and organizations. The required coursework includes applying contemporary, industry-driven web technologies to web development. The program relies upon hands-on, project driven assignments to provide students enough real-world exposure for them to be ready for hire upon graduation. Completers of this program will be able to work in development teams and communicate in the technical area. This field is growing as more and more organizations build and enhance their presence and needs on the internet. The program is flexible for students to take elective courses in their area of interest and the A.A.S. degree can be completed online.

Standards-compliant code

We currently promote the application of standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS3 coding concepts.

JavaScript and Server-Side

The program currently has four required courses in the development area: 1) An Introduction to Program Logic, 2) JavaScript with jQuery application, 3) ASP.NET using C#, and 4) PHP and MySQL. In addition, a type of capstone web applications course is required where generic SQL is taught and a team project is assigned.

Work-Based Learning

As a professional-technical degree, Web Development requires a number of credits to be completed using COOP, internships, and/or assigned projects as part of the degree core of college credits required.