Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Jason Blazzard - Web Dev Degree Program

Work-Based Learning and FT Job Opportunities

Please note that I have limited knowledge on most of these opportunities.

May Postings

  • ASLCSC Student Activities - Fall 2014 - oncampus job that can be scheduled around your classes, etc. I will be looking to recommend someone for this web content management position. The hours are PT and the pay is hourly - not sure on the exact amount. Must be able to work on-campus.

April Postings

  • Software Development Intern at SEL.
  • We are currently seeking a full-time web developer in our Clarkston office, however I wanted to reach out to local universities and colleges to see if there was any opportunity to pursue an internship or part-time employment for a student. We feel that there may be good opportunity here for a student to gain some great experience and at the same time fulfill our groups need at this time.
    While we do have an IT department, our group is fairly unique in its approach to development. Please refer to our website for a look at what our group traditionally produces.
    Interactive media is an area that our group is just recently exploring, a 2014 initiative headed up by myself and our Department Manager. My objective is not only to enhance our current services through packaging and delivery via interactive means, but also to provide highly creative interactive solutions for our clients. Here are a few examples of how we are starting to explore the concept of interactive design paired with the industry we serve and our groups services.

March Postings

  • Clearwater Web Solutions - Orofino
    Students who might be interested in some part-time maybe contract work. I am looking in particular for someone who can edit/produce video content for the web, but I don't particularly remember a class for that offered at LCSC. I could also use a graphic artist for some general ad work. I primarily need someone to edit videos, but a graphic artist may be useful as well. I'm looking to you because It might be a good way to give some student(s) a chance for some job experience, and depending on their skills and dedication maybe it can turn out to be a paid internship or part time work for them. I'm sure someone can take advantage of a few extra $$ for a few part time hours of work.
  • Lewiston-Clarkston Partners Habitat for Humanity P.O. Box 317, Clarkston, WA
    LC Habitat for Humanity

Febuary Postings

  • Communications/Media 3 - Web Assistant - University of Idaho Conference and Events.
  • Clarkston Habitat for Humanity: mMy name is Chris, and I am the Operations Manager for our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. I was looking at the LCSC page about the Web Development Degree Program, and there is a paragraph about work based learning, where it mentions internships and/or assigned projects. We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit, and in 2010, we had a volunteer help us redesign a new website. Since that time, if we want changes, we send him an email, and he makes the changes. Unfortunately, we have not provided a lot of updates over the past couple of years, and it is painfully out of date. We are looking at updating our website. What we’d like to do is redesign a new website with a system that we could use internally to update it--WordPress has been suggested to us as a possible service. Within the website, we would like to have a database that we can use to manage contacts and donors, and create events that people can come to the website to sign up for, and possible some Facebook interaction, and more. I am wondering if your students and/or program help local organizations with their website design and set up?
  • Pomeroy Bed and Breakfast

January Postings

  • LCSC Simulation Lab - Nursing and Health Sciences Lab - 'putting together an interactive map of the simulation lab for students to review where things are before they come in for clinical simulations ... pictures of areas/things in the sim lab to use for this map have been taken' - Contact blazzard@lcsc.edu for more information.
  • Clearwater Paper: Business Alignment Technical Analyst FT
  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL): Software Engineering Intern
  • Craigslist: Web | Software/Engineering | Software

December Postings

November Postings

  • Assigned :|: Starry-Eyed Productions: William Schrieb - 208-843-2886 | astro-visions@gmail.com   Existing Site - Mr. Schreib is an author and needs help with his existing website. He is located in Culdesac, ID.