Name  Jason B. Blazzard
Office  Sam Glenn Complex 125
Office Hours  M W 10:00 to 12:00
Phone  208.792.2364
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The purpose of the Co-op credit requirements in the Web Development degree programs (AAS, BAS, and BASAT) is to add meaningful collaboration between the classroom and the real-world. Students are expected to work on projects or regular jobs for organizations (or individuals as approved by the faculty supervisor). The first task assigned is for students to find or choose a Co-op project to work on during the semester that is appropriate for the number of Co-op credits taken.  The coordinator may be able to help find Co-op opportunities but the primary responsibility will be on the student.


Report Report Link Due Date
1 Proposal September 13
2 Report 2 September 27
3 Report 3 October 11
4 Report 4
October 25
5 Report 5 November 08
6 Report 6 November 22
7 Report 7 December 13
8 Supervisor Report/Response December 16